The First Day Of School: Everything Parents Should Know

It is nearly two years and eight months. I had many dreams in my life. Sometimes, I have to dedicate my dreams after the marriage, even after I become a mom. So, I had to give up my career as a lawyer. Today her first day of school. I can remember the day I went to school. It was a different story from her story. I was in tears the whole day. However, she is brilliant. She did not cry and was playing with other students. I could not imagine. She never had gone to school or never seen before. However, she could adapt to the place. I saw she helped a boy who was crying as his mom left him there. She was asked to play with her by showing some toys. It was fascinating!

So I was able to get this happiness today because I had already taken some steps myself. I prepared my daughter for the first day of school when she was about eighteen months old. Here I am going to mention them that will help you as well.

1. Gave idea about school

When she was 18 months, I was starting to show the schools. When we are travelling somewhere, I show her some school with colourful parapets. Moreover, some schools had attractive paintings on the walls. So, she was very eager to go inside the school. A few months later, whenever we were passing schools, she would show us the schools and said, “I want to go to school.”

2. Gave idea about friends and teachers

When I show the schools, I told her about friends who are the same ages. I also told her you could play, dance, sing, and have fun with them at school. So, she was looking forward to meeting her friends.

The First Day Of School: Everything Parents Should Know

3. Do some activities while saying about school

We did some fun activities since she was about three months. However, I started telling her about school when she was around 20 months. She was excited and questioning me about the school. So, I think she was dreaming about the school.

The First Day Of School: Everything Parents Should Know

4. Teach table manners

In my opinion, as soon as the kids can handle a spoon and fork by themselves, we should teach them table manners. I cannot remember the day she started, but I officially started it when she was two years. So far, she is continuing it. Now she is trying to use a knife as well with our little help. In my view, they can be more intelligent than we think. So even if we think our children are in danger, they can face the situation well. The trust we place in our children predominantly affects their mental development and creativity. So, when a small child asks for a spoon or a fork, do not be hesitant to give it to them; however, if they will do something that could endanger their lives, get rid of them immediately. We will discuss it in another article.

The First Day Of School: Everything Parents Should Know

5. Potty trained

Since the day she could sit, I trained her for the potty. It was amazing. Now it is easy for us as well. I taught her how to say it when she needed to urinate and defecate. I am right in saying that the potty training nursery rhyme in Cocomelon, which she was watching, was very helpful. When she wants to do it, she runs to the potty, acting like J.J in the song. (We will discuss the screen time in another article.) It was exciting. Click here to see the potty training secrets.

6. Visits schools with her

My husband and I discussed a set of requirements that we thought should be there when choosing a school. So we went to see a few selected schools. We also took her on this trip. So, I believe she got an idea of a school there.

7. Visit before selected school

Ultimately, we were able to select a school that tally with our conditions. So, we went with our kid and met the principal and discussed setting her into the school. We did not forget to ask about her likes and dislikes about the school we decided on. Yeah. It is true. You may guess that a small child can choose a school, which is a great joke. However, this will help her mental development and develop self-esteem. So, we were able to meet the teacher and principal three times before her first day of school. So it was an outstanding chance for her to get more familiar with the school.

8. Prepare her for the first day of school

We did not forget to ask the daily rooting of the school from the teacher. At that time, the child had only four days to start school. As I asked the teacher, I did some activities at school with the child at home. What I did was try to get the child used to a timetable. I do not think it is possible to do that, but I think she has an idea. So, it will be helping her to on the first day in school. Also, I taught her how to open the lunch box and prepare for lunch in school.

I bought everything she needed before her first date. She had a beautiful colourful bag, and new water bottle and new suites. So, she also, exciting and waiting for her first day of school.

9. First day of school morning hours

Not too much busy. I had prepared everything before I went to wake up my kid. Otherwise, it may become a stressful day for her. So, I woke her up as usual. She has enough time to chat with her ‘Jellybean’ (her pet hamster). No rush. She had her breakfast and shower. Then I prepared her for school. She was also delighted to go to school and meet her friends and teacher.

We took her to school. She was delighted. Many children cry that they cannot be alone in school on the first day, which is a tragic time for parents. However, my child was delighted with the school. Moreover, she was pleased with the training she had received earlier for school. Of course, it made me very happy as well as proud. Furthermore, my child was appreciated even by the principal.

So I would like to specifically say that I did not put any pressure on her during this child’s training. All I did was make small changes in her daily routine without her even knowing it. As parents, we need to be very creative. It is important to note that there is no point in forcing children into a reluctance and complicated work routine.

So, we would love to hear about your child’s first day of school. Do not forget to share that experience with us. Also, I hope this article will help you if you are preparing your child for school.

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