“Screen time for children” is not a devil

“Screen time for children” is a very controversial topic. It is most talked about during the epidemic. So in this article, we will talk about screen time for kids.

During my pregnancy and in the early stages of having my baby, I had heard different opinions about screen time for children. Some doctors even suggested that screen time for children should not be used. They think that screen time ruins a child’s life. 

Some mothers say 

B mother has given her phone to her small child.”

C mother feeds her baby while showing phone videos.

D mother allows her child to watch TV all day.

Those mothers say “children are stubborn nowadays as their parents allow them to watch tv. “

Could it be so? It is a severe problem I had.

Some parents have strictly banned screen time for children without giving a proper reason. They have identified screen time for children as a demon or ghost.

However, I think we are in a digital age. So as parents, we need to know the good and bad practices of digital technology. Children need to be made aware of these limitations. With those limitations, they should be allowed to use it. 

Here I will share with you my experience of screen time with my child.

I have done much research, even using the internet, about screen time for kids. I gave her screen time. So these are the things I had done with my child now. She is very talented and very active. She is also innocent and very kind to others.

01. Restrict screen time strictly during 12 months. 

According to the internet’s findings, I did not let my child watch TV, iPad or phone. I also get the assistant of my husband and our parents for this. So, we did not watch TV with my baby either. We watched TV while she was sleeping. I made sure not to use the phone while feeding the baby. So for a year, she had not seen any screen.

I know this is hard for everyone to do. However, try. You will be able to do that. 

02.Release the limits 

She was 18 months. She could grasp what we were saying, but she was not talking much. However, she could talk a little bit. So, I decided to let her for the screen time. I could select some valuable programs such as Baby EinsteinCocomelon and Super Simple Song nursery rhymes. So, I spent 20 minutes for one session. Moreover, there were two sessions for the day—morning and afternoon sessions.  

I did not let her watch the program alone. I also sat with her and watched. It was a good experience for me as well. Because at that time, I was a first-time parent. I could not remember the nursery rhymes. However, I had an opportunity to recall them when I watched the nursery rhyme with my kid. I was able to sing them while doing homework and playing with the baby. As a result, the child remembers the songs. While singing the rhythm, we created the play and dance that corresponded to it. It was a great inspiration. Surprisingly, when she wants to ask her dad or me something, she instantly sings a song she made herself to the tune of the songs she watches. It is very unbelievable.

03. Beware of cartoons

As a first-time mother, I have made some wrong decisions at some times. No need to worry about that. It is essential to understand this and take appropriate action. Always remember that there are no perfect parents.

So, I was looking for a suitable cartoon for kids on the internet. I came across the Pepa Pig cartoon series. I gave her a chance to watch it. Since she was 24 months old, I gave her a chance to watch the video in the evening. After watching this for about two weeks, the kid started doing weird things. The cartoon she watched greatly influenced this. As soon as I realized this, I gradually removed the cartoon from her list. I did not do it all at once because she loved it so much.

It is the same when I let her watch another show done by a gentleman. He has a strange way of walking. My kid absorbed it quickly.

So parents, be conscientious when choosing suitable cartoons and programs for your child. Young children absorb them very quickly. They are hard to change once they get used to it because kids do what we ask them not to do.

04. Go to children park or other places where there are children

We usually go out every day. Often those trips become road trips. However, she could see people. Usually every weekend we go to parks or other places where there are people. She can point out that there are many in society except her father and me. When she tries to talk to others, her communication skills also improve, and she loses the opportunity to be a coward in society. So, my child is a socially superior child to the other children alone with their mother. What is unique here is that she is a child who has been directed to screen time.

05. Do Activities with your kid.

Even if you stay home, you may still have to do much homework. Therefore, allow your child to do small tasks while doing these tasks. They will do it with great enthusiasm. Maybe they messed up your work. However, they learn something from it. It gives them a chance to focus on the screen and engage in some activity instead of being there. Instead of leaving the child open on the screen while you work, get help from them to do your work.

So, finally, I would like to say that Screen time for children is not a devil. So please do not deny Screen time for children for no reason. It is because doing so may deprive us of the opportunity to reap the benefits of the Internet. As parents, we must act with great understanding. I believe that allowing a child to watch selected programs for a limited time with the parents’ consent will not cause much harm to the child.

However, if the screen time is given to the children at their discretion, it will adversely affect the child’s future and life. The child may even have Virtual Autism. Then the statements made by the above B, C, D mothers may also be factual. Therefore, behave wisely.

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