How to handle temper tantrums in 6-year-olds

Temper tantrums in 6-year-olds are normal. It happens as they could not get or reach what they need. So, kids may yell, cry or hit others to express their temper. 

Some parents also adults think that temper tantrums in 6-year-olds cannot happen. They are big kids. Those kids are disrespectful, so on. However, keep in your mind that temper has a reason. So, they are still children who are unable to express their feelings inappropriate way. When they learn the language, they will be talented in resolving this temper tantrum as they know how to express their anger and how to express their need. 

When do temper tantrums start?

1. Difficulty when expressing their feelings.

Though they are six years old, they are still kids. So, their language skill is developing yet. So, sometimes they may be unable to express their feeling. So, the result can be a temper tantrum.  

2. Anxiety

Some children are suffering from Anxiety. Those children may be solitary. Feel alone. Mostly this can be happening in working parents’ family. Due to the busy life of parents, their kids usually get Anxiety. It is prevalent in one-child families. So, those children look unhappy all day. Those children are fear to face some situations and activities. They use the temper tantrum as an instrument they can skip from those situations.   

3. Being very sensitive

Temper tantrums in 6-year-olds can happen if the children are susceptible to the environment. As an example, the bright lights, huge noise and crowded places. Then tantrums can be the result of it. 

4. Bulling 

Children who are bullying at school or among friends can quickly get temper as they feel alone, sad, and helpless. So, they may hate people as they are getting lousy experiences with friends. 

5. Learning difficulty

When children face difficulty in learning, throwing a tantrum can be the solution for them. When they feel fail or trouble in subjects, they get temper. Some kids are rejecting to go to school as well. 

Children who are suffering from ADHD may express their feelings in the way of anger. It is not very easy to handle the feelings for them. 

Sometimes, temper tantrums in 6-year-olds are usually happening as it worked in earlier. 

For example, Ammy is six years old. She asks for chocolate every day before bedtime. When her parents reject the request, she begins to scream and cry. To handle her temper, her parents allow her request. 

As parents, we should not do it. It reflects that you reword your children’s tantrums. So, they will continue for anything even after they become young. Rewarding your kids’ tantrums is dangerous. 

How to handle Temper tantrums in 6-year-olds

1. Avoid reasoning. 

If your six years old child is throwing a temper tantrum, do not try to reasoning. It does not help to calm down your child. Try to find out what he needs. If you are unable to find out, then wait till your child becomes normal. 

2. Let your child calm down.

Sometimes we are trying to help our children when they in a temper. It will increase the situation. So, the best way to handle temper tantrums in 6-year-olds is to let them calm down. It will take few minutes or a few hours. It is okay. Give them time. Keep in mind that we will not recommend timeout, which is parents should not do for six years old. If the place is safe for your child, let him go anywhere within the place to calm himself down. 

3. Help to develop emotional and communication skills.

When your kids in an everyday mood, you can teach them how to control themselves when they feel anger and sadness. Teaching them to feel is expected in a living being, and the way we are expressing our feelings also has to be expected. Otherwise, it will hurt others’ feelings. So, teach them some words to tell their anger or their issue. 

4. Try to predict the situations in which tantrums can arise.

As parents, we can predict some situations in which our kids can trow their temper. For example, if your kids ask for chocolate before bedtime, you can predict that your kids throw a tantrum if you reject the request. So, you do some other exciting activity or anything which your kid can forget that request. For example, after dinner, you can read storybooks with your kids or talk with your kids about the day.

5. Your way of responding 

When your child is throwing a tantrum, please do not throw your anger on it. It does not work. So, try to relax and give him a big hug while screaming and holding him till he ends the crying. Moreover, show that you love him so much while rubbing his head. Then slowly, you can ask the reason for his tantrum. It will be beneficial to handle the temper tantrum in 6 years olds. 

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